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By becoming a NOVO partner you will have an opportunity to add an investment-free revenue stream to your business.

Who can become a NOVO partner?

Immogenics is expanding it's reach within the UK and we are currently looking for partners.

For further information please contact

How does the relationship work with NOVO?

Having signed a partnership agreement with Immogenics Ltd (NOVOís trading entity) we provide you with marketing materials to assist your sales effort:



Sales packs for your staff

Access to our customer service team on-line or over the telephone

The process is kept as simple as possible.

Booking the test

  1. Take payment from the client for the Full Retail Price - £299
  2. Enter the clientís details onto the booking site Please ensure you enter your Partner Code to receive your agreed price.
  3. You will then be charged against your organisationís payment card for the test, minus your margin.


The NOVO team does all the rest!

Immogenics will send the client a test sample kit including:
Vials for the sample
Instructions on where to go for the sample
Pre-paid self addressed envelope for returning the sample to Immogenics.

Immogenics will then:

Process the sample
Dispatch the results
Provide the Nutritional Support

Immogenics will provide you with a Monthly Report highlighting how many tests you have sent through.

How to get started
Contact us using this unique e-mail address and we will send you a NOVO Partner starter pack. Or call us on 0031 46 45 72 800

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