In the midst of a medical world crowded with chemical based solutions taking a reactive approach to medicine, Immogenics aims to promote organic solutions with a pro-active strategy.

The future of health lies in diagnostics, a fast emerging aspect of modern medicine, as it is both safer and cheaper to prevent than to cure. Also, with the growing influence of the internet and related technologies, people are taking greater ownership of issues that have such powerful effects on their lives as health does.

Immogenics’ mission is ‘to develop creative solutions and to educate and empower people in areas of medicine which promote optimum wellbeing’.

At Immogenics, we believe that there are 3 key influencers to health, as follows:

  • Genetic make up - your inherited attributes.
  • Nutrition - the influence of diet on health.
  • Environmental stress - the impact of stress on your metabolism results in a depletion of key metabolic nutrients.

As such, Immogenics’ vision is to develop products in each of these areas in order to mitigate their adverse effects and thus optimise wellbeing.

Our first product is NOVO, which addresses the issue of nutritional health by detecting the foods that have a negative impact on your immune system, resulting in a disrupted glucose and lipid metabolism. These factors then initiate lower energy levels and higher weight retention. This is one case when a diagnostic tool, NOVO, can lower health risk as well as optimise cellular metabolism and efficiency.

VITA is our latest product and offers the opportunity for a yearly MOT of your key organ functions and important health parameters. VITA also educates you about potential areas of improvement or, in case of serious issues, refers you to your Doctor. VITA is currently available in the UK only.

Immogenics are excited to be part of the new breed of healthcare organisations which focus primarily on prevention and health optimisation, rather than cure and risk mitigation.